I have BATTLES in my life

Although all three members of Brooklyn’s Battles have the kind of past that makes for impressive “formerly of…” notes in reviews and show announcements, they have long since surpassed their previous involvement with acts like Tomahawk, Helmet or Don Caballero. The experimental chaos and technical proficiency they bring to the battleground are clear to see, but starting with their first EP they’ve been pushing each other to take their noisy leanings into places that are as fun as they are baffling. Even their real live bursts of breakcore drumming don’t come across as jazzy bragging. They sound more like time traveling androids with a heavy metal past tackling Steve Reich’s ideas of minimalism, coming from some era where pop hits are made of pitch shifted vocal gibberish, soaring melodies and puzzling rhythms. This is a band that is so instrumentally tricked out that even the departure of their main vocalist could break the momentum.

Ice Cream is featured in their latest album “My Machines” out on WARP