I have BATTLES in my life

Although all three members of Brooklyn’s Battles have the kind of past that makes for impressive “formerly of…” notes in reviews and show announcements, they have long since surpassed their previous involvement with acts like Tomahawk, Helmet or Don Caballero. The experimental chaos and technical proficiency they bring to the battleground are clear to see, but starting with their first EP they’ve been pushing each other to take their noisy leanings into places that are as fun as they are baffling. Even their real live bursts of breakcore drumming don’t come across as jazzy bragging. They sound more like time traveling androids with a heavy metal past tackling Steve Reich’s ideas of minimalism, coming from some era where pop hits are made of pitch shifted vocal gibberish, soaring melodies and puzzling rhythms. This is a band that is so instrumentally tricked out that even the departure of their main vocalist could break the momentum.

Ice Cream is featured in their latest album “My Machines” out on WARP


Ionian JazzNow!

The sound and the colours of the new greek Jazz scene emerging from the Ionian school of Jazz.

Published by the Jazz&Τζαζ magazine Nov 2011


1. If I Should Lose You (Rainger, Robin) © EPA
2. Navarac (Leonidas Sarantopoulos)
3. Say something (Thodoris Kotsifas)
4. Always Be With Me (Terry Vakirtzoglou, Georgia Aitaki)
5. Entropia (Zoe Efstathiou)
6. The Thing (Costis Christodoulou)
7. Zambikos (traditional, arranged by Michalis Katachanas)
8. Good Friday’s Tango (Stefanos Andreadis)
9. After the Storm (Konstantinos Manos, Terry Vakirtzoglou)
10. Tempest (Yiannis Papadopoulos)
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Sun Ra – The Damneded Air (rec. December 1962) (poem)

“There is no place for the past in the realm of the future,” Ray Stubbs darkly intones over a quivering and querulous trumpet and piano in his 1962 performance of Sun Ra’s apocalyptic poem “The Damneded Air.”

The Damneded Air

around the earth
circles the infinity of the damneded air
the damneded inheritance of the earth
are the same vibrations it ever was
we need new air
we need the air that vibrates with the
sound of another kind of mind
we need the beam of the future to strike
the earth
like the lightning and the power of a
in order that the dying embers of the past
should suddenly be extinct
there is no place for the past in the realm
of the future
except temporarily as an exhibit of that which is taboo
because the past is the past
and the future is the future
the eternity of the limited past
was for those who were taught the limited
the unlimited reach of the future is
another kind of forever
there is an inner darkness and there is an
outer darkness
those who become subjects of the inner
darkness dwell therein
those who become subjects of the outer
darkness shall dwell there out
out is the way of the outer
and in, the way of the inner
and in of the inner in
is different from the end of the outer in
because the outer in is the outer on
out is the outer and in is the inner
the way out is the way to living, breathing
let’s blast the damneded air and claim the
right to be a part of the outer heavens and
outer space
that we might live and breathe and be
eternally alive
let’s blast the damnded air
the imprisoning circle that bans the earth
with the echoes of the dead truth of the
damneded word
lets the light shine upon the darkness
that enchains the meaning of the
knowledge that has been used as the law
to destroy


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this planet is doomed
the science fiction poetry of Sun Ra
Kicks Books (2011)
The damneded air   pp 64, 65

Many thanks to FromNowhere and  OtherPlanesofThere for their insightful contribution to this post.