Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Just landed home, overwhelmed by their fantastic performance at Astra (Berlin). I kind of knew it was gonna worth the search for a ticket in the black market, for their only and sold out concert in Germany. But this was more than I ‘d ask for.

A moody, atmospheric, romantic soundtrack for contemporary urban decay, or more appropriately, the industrially declined. Created with classical acoustic instruments (violin, contrabass, guitar, drums) using distortion, the harmonics that ride the swell of coloured noise on the opening track are richer and fuller than could ever be achieved by purely electronic means. These acid-tinged, filmic compositions reside in the mysterious, misty realm of experimental music.

Classically fucked up, Godspeed could be really pretentious but the sounds they make are way too cool to be merely coldly superior. Sensitive, intelligent, original music for gentlemen and women of all persuasions.

And after a 2-hour string-madness, dreamy performance, immersed in sunshine and gasoline, they are at the foyer selling t-shirts.





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